Friday, April 15, 2011

Nerves and Question Marks...

Heading out for my interview in about an hour. Not much time to pull my thoughts all together and to remind myself that I'm a competent, confident professional who enjoys discount fashion and cheap journals as well as interacting with the public and fellow employees on a daily basis. All of these things are true after all.
Today Adelia had a big report to give in her class at school. She had the project in plenty of time to get it all done, but playing, or burying her nose in a book about cats, is far more appealing to her than getting things done for school. Procrastination. I taught her that word just yesterday as she was sobbing about how she had no time to get it all done, it was just to much, and heaven forbid she had to stand up and talk in front of 22 people. Not that I can't understand that there is some pressure in such a situation, but the dramatics were pushing the envelope to be sure. Hard to reason with someone in such a state, so I let her be to continue putting it all off to the last minute when her dad could deal with it. Definitely best to let him work through that mess.
Anyhow, there is a point to this story. On our walk back from dropping the kids off for school Julie was saying how Adelia did manage to get it all taken care of in the end, and if she could just channel her inner confidence she would have no trouble giving her presentation (even with 22 sets of eyes all focused on her). It made me think of how I need to find some way to harness all my potential from years of teaching professional adults, and use that to help things move in the right direction with this interview. Not that I'm going to let myself slip into my teacher voice and persona, but just that relaxed sort of professionalism that exudes confidence, even when I don't fully know what to say or do. Maybe she'll ask me to explain some illusive grammar point and I can prove my usefulness to the fashion world...or maybe not. Either way, I'm down to about half an hour before I should head out so it's probably time to move along and get ready for the next step.
Oh, and Julie went to Adelia's presentation and said it went off without a hitch, so all is well and once again the eleventh hour slap job has saved the day. Too bad she got into this habit so young. I didn't settle into that sort of thinking until college when I ceased to see the point in writing a paper earlier than the day before it was due since I kept getting A's on things written in a matter of 2 to 4 hours. Ah well. Win some lose some I guess.

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