Friday, April 20, 2007

So much to do!

It's amazing how much stuff I suddenly have to do in order to get my Visas and all of that fun stuff. I got a massive packet of forms yesterday that need to be notarized and sent back by next Friday. It would be all fine and good, except when I took them to be notarized I was informed that it can't be done without some fancy verbiage being added. GREAT! So now I have to figure out where in the world to find these special words to make it all official.
Fortunately I was able to get into a doctor's office today and have a sufficient physical so I can be signed off as healthy. I also got a Tetanus shot again. Last time I had one was before I went to Italy in '96, so it was time for that. I'm pretty sure that the rest of my shots are up to date after all my other international travels. At least I hope so. I'm really not a huge fan of shots.
I've actually been really productive today. It was an inservice day, so I've been all over. I took my tires down to the shop so I can get my studs removed tomorrow, I went to the doctor, and I got turned down by the notary, all on the same day!
Now all I want to do is curl up and watch something mindless while I help Cheryl fold clothes to get them ready for their big trip to the Virgin Islands! Can we say "Sarah is very JEALOUS???" Yes, yes we can! I'll have the girls on the weekends, and during the school week they'll be staying with Tim's brother's family. It'll be an awfully quiet house this week. And hopefully, by the end of it, I'll have all these documents safely in the mail.
At least when I got the packet it came with a really pretty postcard of Prague. A little something to keep my hopes up and remind me that there is a reason for all of this. Now I should probably get around to writing a new newsletter. (sigh)
Please pray for me. I really do need it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Joys of Raising Funds...

Well, here is the financial summary I just got from TeachOverseas. They encouraged me to send it out so people sorta know where I'm at in the whole process. At the current moment I've gotten in a little over $1000, so I'm doing decently, but still have a LONG way to go:

$250 initial deposit

$1000 second deposit due by 2/7/2007

$3200 remaining pre-field by July 30

$2500 field administration due prior to departure or raised on a monthly basis while overseas

$6950 plus International Travel & Visa

So that is where things sit at the moment. Now my font is being all funky. Ah well. Anyhow not a whole lot more to say at the moment, but I figured it was time to update a bit. Oh, I guess I could add that there is now away to support me financially online if anyone is interested in that option. Just click the TeachOverseas link on my site to find out more about this option.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Update on the Process

I was going to add this in my last post, but forgot with the whole photo adding process. I'm not working on all the paperwork necessary to get my visa to the Czech Republic. There is an insane amount of work that goes into it all, so I would definitely appreciate your prayers as I work on all of this. Also, please pray for little Lizzy who will be having heart surgery on Thursday. She is only 3 1/2 years old, so it is a scary thing for such a little person to have to deal with. I'll be sure to update everyone after the surgery once her parents let me know how things have gone.

He is Risen!!!

He is risen indeed! Maybe that phrase has something to do with how much I have always liked (and perhaps periodically overused) the word indeed...It's a thought at least.
So I still don't have the picture adding thing totally figured out, but I'm working on it :) We had a nice little Easter here. On Saturday we had several families over to color eggs.
When we were finished we threw the leftover dye out in the snow. Later on the girls had a grand old time making snowballs in every color of the rainbow. What a strange place Alaska is! Tim was on call and had to leave, which pretty much ended the party since the people who had come were from his work. He ended up being out all night, so Cheryl and I headed out to church bright and early all alone. I even wore a skirt! Sorry, no pictures of that :) We had fresh rolls at the church before the service, so it felt a little like the usual sunrise routine, only a little later in the day.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Maundy Thursday

I just went to my first ever Maundy Thursday service. It's sort of like Good Friday only not really. It was mostly just a time to be still and reflect on all that Jesus did when he died on the cross. It got me to thinking a lot about the kids I'm with every day. They are really in such a sad state. So many of them are raising themselves and doing a terrible job of it. They have lost their innocence. What has become of the little children that Jesus gathered to himself to bless? Where have all these corrupted little monsters, so to speak, come from? They are brought up in homes with no morals, and they bring their parents bitterness with them into the classrooms. In a sense, children are a representation of the most basic emotions. They don't yet know how to hide the things they are thinking and feeling. They lash out at others from their inability to navigate their own emotions. And what I see scares me. They have no sense of right and wrong. They epitomize how much we think of ourselves, rather than being aware of others. They have no compassion, no mercy, no grace. There is no awareness of their need of a savior. It really just makes me sad. I have no idea how to relate to them either. Even trying to have fun with them turns into a nightmare with attitudes flaring up and noise levels soaring to unbearable heights.
So as I reflect on what Jesus has done for me, as I seek repentance for my own self-centeredness, I wonder what can be done for the children of our morally bankrupted culture. Pretty heavy, I know, but it's what's on my mind.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Back in Alaska

Well, my spring break didn't turn out quite as planned. After spending a long night in the SeaTac airport I got a phone call from my mom informing me that she was taking Dad - which I had to clarify as being my dad and not my grandpa - into the emergency room. Several hours later I learned that his right carotid artery was severely blocked and he would need to have emergency surgery. My mind was reeling, but I was thankful that I would be able to be there for my family. The surgery took place on Sunday and was very successful. Dad was able to come home by Monday, and has been slowly regaining strength ever since. Being a very active person, it has been hard for him to accept the fact that the recovery process is a slow one. He still gets worn out easily and has to rest a lot, but he is getting better every day. Many thanks to all who have been praying for him and the rest of the family. Please continue to keep my parents in your prayers, not only for Dad's continued healing, but also as they are in the frightening process of becoming home owners. I had a chance to go up and visit Julie for a few days so I got to see the house. There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done to make it livable. The roof needs replacing and there is some serious mold damage in the basement, but I think there is a lot of potential as well. Being right next door to Julie and Brian and the kids is also a huge bonus. All the same, I know this is a very stressful time for my parents, and that they need all the support they can get.
I had a great time visiting both family and friends. I spent several days at Julie and Janet's houses so I got to hang out with lots of family. I was also in and out of Mom and Dad's, and was able to attend to wedding of one of my old Sunday School students. What a blessing to see how well the girls I once worked with have turned out :) I got to spend a few days with Jessie as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with how things went, and now I'm ready to relax a bit. Holidays really aren't as relaxing as people try to make them out to be!
I wasn't able to get a job today, so I'm taking it easy and trying to catch up on things a bit. I'm sure I'll be up and running again soon with this crazy substitute life.