Monday, April 9, 2007

He is Risen!!!

He is risen indeed! Maybe that phrase has something to do with how much I have always liked (and perhaps periodically overused) the word indeed...It's a thought at least.
So I still don't have the picture adding thing totally figured out, but I'm working on it :) We had a nice little Easter here. On Saturday we had several families over to color eggs.
When we were finished we threw the leftover dye out in the snow. Later on the girls had a grand old time making snowballs in every color of the rainbow. What a strange place Alaska is! Tim was on call and had to leave, which pretty much ended the party since the people who had come were from his work. He ended up being out all night, so Cheryl and I headed out to church bright and early all alone. I even wore a skirt! Sorry, no pictures of that :) We had fresh rolls at the church before the service, so it felt a little like the usual sunrise routine, only a little later in the day.

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annong said...

looked like you guys had a grand time for Easter... wow snow in Easter that's crazy! it's starting to cool down here for autumn... strange! don't think I'll ever fully get used to having Easter in autumn.