Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guilty Writing Pleasure

Maybe it's just because I don't want to look like a total loser with only one post in a month, maybe not. Maybe it's just that I've had such an immensely slow day that I caught up on reading a months worth of my favorite blogs, as well as finding, and devouring, a new one. Made me feel like I need to be inspired. Made me remember what I love about writing, and reading, and sharing my voice.

Not sure I mentioned it, but I'm determined to reach publication by my November birthday. It will take some effort, and I haven't been even managing to blog, which makes my prospects hazier.i know I should do more. I know I like to do more. It's just trying to figure out where to add those extra hours of pleasantries into my days.

That's where days like this one come into play. There were the regulars, in to pick up their mail. There were a couple card scanners, but mostly it was just me. Otherwise it was mostly me and the influences of the Internet.

I had some nice ideas for writing more, but the last half hour things picked up a bit. Gloriously, that included s good ten minute cuddle with a beautiful one month old baby. Got my fix :)

Now, I have to suddenly rush, where the rest of my day was nothing but sit. Guess it's good prep for the yard work/ house cleaning/ general organizing that must soon be underway before my guests arrive on Monday. Only two more days! Better run!

Then I Blinked...

And June was gone. I know, I know, I fully look like a slacker, but this month has been surprisingly busy. My parents came and visited for a little more than a week, my brother in law came for a weekend of partying at an Electronic Music Festival in Portland, and I decided to take on the daunting task of crocheting an entire elaborate wedding blanket in two weeks. All good stuff, but of the sort that don't leave a while lot of room for blogging.

So today, while I stand at the postal counter and wait hopefully for shoppers to arrive, I figured I better at least write something. See, the thug is, July is going to have it's share of busy too. We have guests from Sweden arriving in two days (thus the late wedding gift I've been frantically stitching). We have them here for four days, and have beautifully worked it to have three of those free, which is incredible. Thanks, America, for having a birthday this week, and Carol, for being flexible.

It's also time to frantically start ordering things for Christmas, and making sure the store is all in shape before we head out for a bit. Yes, that's right, a mini drift is on. Three weeks in Czech at the end of August/beginning of September. I can scarcely contain myself. We are both beyond ready for this trip, to be certain. So, yeah, shaping up to be a pretty busy and fun summer. I will try to post a bit more, and I do dream or a day when I can settle back into some routine of normalcy, but life just doesn't always cooperate with my best laid plans...