Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, I just survived a week of VBS here in Blodgett. We had more kids this week than we ever have. More than 70! which is a real stretch for the limited staff. Fortuantely we had a group here from another church to help out. I'm not sure what would have happened otherwise. As it was my sister Julie was recruited to be a teacher, and I ended up being Rowan's one on one full time Aide! Can I just say here that VBS really was NOT designed for two year olds? Keeping up with him was definitely a full time job. He is such a funny kid. He loves to repeat any big word that you say. Right now one of his favorite things to talk about are earwigs. He keeps telling me he's eating earwigs. What a little goofball. of course when I call him a goofball he tells me that I'm the goofball. (sigh) It was a totally exhausting week. Besides watching Rowie, I also spent a considerable amount of time keeping track of Julie's three whippets. They're totally precious and precocious. That word totally looks wrong, but spell check confirmed it was correct.
I'm down to only three weeks before I head out. There is so much to do before then. Julie and the kids and dogs are sticking around a few more days so we can fine tune all the plans for the big retirement party. Does anyone out there know how to plan one of those? Honestly, I have no clue what I'm doing. I really only have one week to get all my things in order because the week before I go I'll be in Medford with the family. I'm looking forward to it, but as the time rapidly evaporates I'm beginning to wonder how things will work out.
Oh, I finally got prayercards as well. I need to get those sent out. If there is anyone interested in obtaining one let me know. I'm going to need all the prayers I can get!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's all starting to come together!

It's down to a month before I head to training. Amazing how the time begins to evaporate rapidly. Over the past couple of days I have finally been "introduced" to my two teammates. It's so exciting to see how God is working things out. They're both about the same age as I am and everything. It'll be nice not to always worry about feeling old or anything like that. I still don't know a whole lot about them, but I'm looking forward to becoming a team and really working together.
Today Janet and I worked on my prayer cards so I'll hopefully be able to get those out to people before too terribly long. I need to write up a new newsletter as well, so I'll send the pictures out with that.
The cleaning is pretty much finished up around here, and this afternoon we plan to start on some cooking for the big week o' family. I'm so excited that everyone will be here for that. It's been so many years since the family has been all together.
Sometimes I really don't know how to end my blogs. It's not like I need to say good bye, or sign off. But I don't like to just end with nothing either. Guess I'm just a bit of a mess and think everything should come together with some fitting closing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Note

Well, I'm working hard here in Medford to get things ready for the arrival of all my family next month. Mom and Dad are at their missions conference this week, and I figured there was no point in me sticking around the booming metropolis of Blodgett all by my lonesome. So, I came down here to help Janet get things ready. On Sunday we were able to go down to Horse Creek for church. That was really nice as I hadn't been down the river in 4 YEARS!!! For those who are in the know, yes, I did drink Horse Creek water and YES it was WONDERFUL!!! It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a long time, and to share with them about what I'm doing next. I also got to show off some of my HK pictures.
After church we headed down to Seaid where I got to see my friend Savana. It had been even longer since I last saw her, so that was really good. She's gotten married and had two kids since I last time I saw her, not to mention accumulating a farm. Jack and Tyler really enjoyed seeing all her animals. We then headed into "town" and picked up David and Ryder who had backpacked from the Medford area down to Seiad. Let's just say the van didn't smell so nice on the ride back :)
Yesterday Janet and I spent the day finding the floor of the lego room and David and Ryder's bedroom. It was a serious task, but we worked at it diligently and the boys scarcely recognized the place when we were done. Since my whole family will be staying here the week before my parent's retirement party we're doing our best to whip things into shape.
I said this would be a quick note, so I guess that should be it for now. Eventually I really will add pictures, but I forgot my camera cord this week. (sigh)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Regaining Focus

Well, as is generally the case, I freak out, and then things work out. All that complaining and stress for nothing. Although, I suppose there is something sorta healthy about an occassional stress test, right? Anyhow, my Teach Overseas director was kind enough to extend my arrival date by one day so I will be able to celebrate with my family at my parents retirement party. Of course this means my sisters have now delegated more responsibilities to me! Guess that's part of what being a grown up means!
Now the main thing I have to do, besides raising several thousand more dollars, is get another physical. Apparently the nice cheap one I did isn't quite enough to satisfy their demands for more paperwork. Grrr... Seeing as how I haven't had medical insurance for the past 6 years, the thought of paying to go to the doctor again isn't exactly thrilling.
In more interesting news, this weekend was supposed to be the annual church campout up at Thompson Lake. I love going up there and basking in the beauty of God's creation. Sadly, the ugly weather put a bit of a damper on things. In all the 14 years my parents have been in Blodgett we have always camped out, but the rainfall on Saturday was enough to convince everyone it would be best to hold off. We did go up and string a few tarps over the picnic tables to keep the debris off of them. Instead of gathering at the lake last night roughly 30 people came to the church and we had dinner and played games. It turned out fairly nice. Then we all got to sleep in nice warm beds and take morning showers before heading up for breakfast this morning. The weather was still far from beautiful, but it never rained heavily, and usually only misted for a few minutes before giving us a bit of a break. Hard to believe that last weekend it was in the 80's! Ah well.
After the church service, where there were again about 30 people, Dad and I took a paddle boat out on the lake. We went around it a couple of times. I think my legs will end up reminding me of the event over the next few days! Fortunately the kids these days only know me as a "grown up" so they don't throw the poor little newts at me. Nor do they attempt to throw me in the lake. Of course with the rain it probably wouldn't have made a whole lot of difference.
We had a lovely b-b-q and then Dad and I hiked all the way around the lake as well. Except for the old bride across the marsh - which is seriously falling apart - the walk wasn't even too overgrown. It was a lovely way to end a tradition. These campouts have always been my favorite part about living out here, and I will really miss them. I'm still planning to some day write up my version of the story about the original homesteaders. While I love the solitude and beauty up there over a weekend, I think I would lose my mind if I was up there alone all the time myself.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sick and Stressing

You'd think that by this point in life I'd be pretty accustomed to just sitting back and watching how God provides. Alas and alack, I still tend to forget that whole bit about not worrying. I'm sure the effects of my cold aren't really helping the situation, but the truth is, I'm just not very good at remembering Who is in control. Oh yeah, it's NOT me!
As the summer is already looking like it's over, I'm trying hard to remember that God is the one in control. He is the one who put the dream in my heart to go to the Czech Republic. He is also the one in control of making sure I get there. So as I start freaking out about finances, I have to continually remind myself that, ultimately, if this is really what God wants, He is going to be sure that I make it.
In the midst of all of this, I'm busy trying to help my parents move. We've discovered quite a few "treasures" in the old basement boxes. I came across a box of my old elementary school artwork. There was some pretty "exciting" stuff in there for sure. I took pictures of quite a few things, and then shifted them over to the garbage pile. Once my computer is up and running again, I'll hopefully be able to download a few to share. It's quite the experience for certain.
I suppose there isn't really a whole lot more to say at this juncture. Please keep me in your prayers as I have a lot to get done in the next month and a half before my travels begin in earnest.
Well, my mom is ready to start working on packing some more so I should get a move on...