Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Note

Well, I'm working hard here in Medford to get things ready for the arrival of all my family next month. Mom and Dad are at their missions conference this week, and I figured there was no point in me sticking around the booming metropolis of Blodgett all by my lonesome. So, I came down here to help Janet get things ready. On Sunday we were able to go down to Horse Creek for church. That was really nice as I hadn't been down the river in 4 YEARS!!! For those who are in the know, yes, I did drink Horse Creek water and YES it was WONDERFUL!!! It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a long time, and to share with them about what I'm doing next. I also got to show off some of my HK pictures.
After church we headed down to Seaid where I got to see my friend Savana. It had been even longer since I last saw her, so that was really good. She's gotten married and had two kids since I last time I saw her, not to mention accumulating a farm. Jack and Tyler really enjoyed seeing all her animals. We then headed into "town" and picked up David and Ryder who had backpacked from the Medford area down to Seiad. Let's just say the van didn't smell so nice on the ride back :)
Yesterday Janet and I spent the day finding the floor of the lego room and David and Ryder's bedroom. It was a serious task, but we worked at it diligently and the boys scarcely recognized the place when we were done. Since my whole family will be staying here the week before my parent's retirement party we're doing our best to whip things into shape.
I said this would be a quick note, so I guess that should be it for now. Eventually I really will add pictures, but I forgot my camera cord this week. (sigh)

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Rebekah said...

Helping sisters clean...there seems to be a commonality in our lives at the moment...I spent all day Sunday helping Deborah pack. They left today. =(