Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One Day We Built An Igloo

Time has a way of going its own way. It cares little about our hopes, wishes, or best laid plans. It plods along at a steady place, and disappears in the flash of an eye. So February has faded into March, and very nearly slipped into April. It's not that I haven't thought about writing. It's simply that it has not happened.
As the great outdoors morphs into Spring, it is hard to believe that a month or so ago we were hit by a random snow storm. Unlike Alaska, where schools stay in session despite several feet of snowfall, around these parts a couple inches spirals rapidly into a shutdown. Despite our snow tires still residing in Idaho, we braved the storm the first couple of days in an attempt to maintain the slogan: neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail...etc. But without the proper equipment to clean the roads, and with no chains for our bare summer tires, by the time we got home Friday night, there was no return until Monday.

Well, I had plans of writing a considerable amount more, but technical difficulties slowed me down substantially. I'll have to just wrap things up a little more quickly by adding a few photos of what we did when life handed us snow...

It might not be super obvious form the photos, but this "little" igloo was over six feet tall, and was big enough for me to stand up straight inside. There was also plenty of room for the two of us to sit comfortably inside. Good use for a yard full of snow if you ask me.