Monday, April 25, 2011

Cardboard Boxes and Razor Blades

That's sort of what my new job is all about. Today was day one. Day one which started at 5:45 this morning. I can do this. Yes I can. But perfect...not so much. Combine the typical nervousness about starting a new job and not being certain if my new clothes will fit the "dress code" (note: this is not a uniform so they don't have to provide us with the clothes, but they still reserve the right to say, "That isn't really a blue shirt.") or if I'll be ready to get up in time for everything and you'll understand why I spent a considerable amount of time awake in the night. (sigh)
(Side Note: the way I write blogs is definitely NOT the way I would write a book! All the adds and asides, the wishy washy ways the paragraphs get tossed together definitely don't make for a great writing experience. They're a voice, true, but not one that you use in a professional setting. This is said because I'm currently reading a self-published book that does all the things a person trying to sell a book shouldn't do. I bought it because the author was doing a signing and was friendly and helpful and I thought I should support the local art scene. Hmmm... Let's just say I'm just being reminded of what I shouldn't do if I want people to actually read, enjoy and purchase anything that I write.)
I did manage to pull off a semi-professional attitude at least. In some ways it reminds me a bit of my time at the mill. The people are a bit different than that crew, but it's a similar sort of repetitive busy work kind of job. Today I spent the morning breaking down boxes as the others unloaded merchandise off of a truck and sorted it out. Then I got to put things on shelves and learn where everything goes. Like I said before, definitely busy work, but somewhat interesting and slightly less dirty than working in the mill. Plus I get a chance to see all the new stuff going out on the floor, so when I find something I really want to buy I can put my new discount to work.
It's just part time right now, but by noon I was pretty thankful that I got to go home. The time went pretty quickly, but after so many months of not working it was sa big change of place to suddenly have a job again.
What a strange life I've lived. I mean seriously. It's just odd. Such is my life.

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