Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Long Can I Blame Jet Lag?

Well, we've been back stateside for a week, and I'm still dragging, still waking up between 4 and 5:30 AM, and still scarcely able to keep my eyes open past 10 PM. While this means regular workouts and journal updates have been happening, I still don't feel quite myself.

Our three weeks in Czech were truly amazing. They were both hard working, and relaxing. It was good to have a total change, and to reconnect with people and familiar locations that are near and dear to our hearts. Now we just need to keep motivated, and work extra hard to make the store flourish, enabling us to travel more often :)

I do still intend to write picture posts of our trip, allowing me to live it all again, and letting everyone else enjoy the beauty of our other home. I have been adding pictures to my Instagram account gradually, not wanting to inundate everyone too quickly. If you have an account you can find me there @morbidbeauty to get a preview. Hopefully I'll be lively enough one of these evenings to get things onto a computer so I can share more love in photo form. For now, I'm just enjoying having summer around for a little while longer here in the Pacific Northwest :)

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