Saturday, August 31, 2013

Moje Kopf Spins

Nothing like a weekend spent mixing three languages to really make your brain whirl. Let me also note, that while standing up or walking might not usually feel fast paced, when your head comes into contact with an immovable object (i.e. a shelf) it seems a little different. I manage to smack my head once on each side, only adding to my lingual confusion, and leaving me feeling awkward, stupid, and in pain. Not my finest moment.

English is definitely my strongest (make that my only) language, but when you mix it up with German and Czech, I can follow about 70% of the conversation (if I'm lucky and know the main topic). When it comes to speaking, on the other hand, it's a mess for everyone involved. I throw languages together, which works okay, since the family can understand both, but it definitely doesn't make me look intelligent in the least, and is particularly confusing for the six year old twins.

All this to say, the trip to visit my husband's sister and her family went well, but I can't say my language skills improved much. Thankfully, there was a cute dog there, which always helps to alleviate the tension of feeling incompetent. Everyone who cares at all can speak the language of dogs. It's not hard to read their looks of curiosity, especially when food is involved.

Perhaps I hit my head harder than I thought, because this is all coming out weak and confused, but I'm trying to squeeze all the writing in that I can before we leave. It's not very late, but the added thinking required to communicate with a houseful of non English speakers is exhausting. Now for a good night's sleep before the trip to see Babi (Grandma) tomorrow.

One final note, while my general speaking skills might not have been I passively, I did enjoy showing the kids that's could count to ten in six languages. Not a very useful skill, but at least something :)

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