Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 More Days!

The countdown is seriously on. Five days from now, we should be somewhere over the Atlantic, exhausted by our 6:45 departure time (meaning leaving our house somewhere around 3:15AM) and excited beyond words. It has been almost a year and a half since we were last in Czech. Strange to think of how much has changed. We've gone from unemployed newlyweds, to business owners. That's a lot of change, believe me.

I know we are both really looking forward to having a little time to pull our heads together and just breathe. Of course, three weeks isn't a whole lot of time, and I know it will fly by, but hopefully we'll be able to really soak it all in and enjoy every minute of it.

The really exciting part for anyone who happens to read my blog is knowing that I will soon be somewhere with really interesting things to photograph. Plus, I should have a wee bit more time for writing in my schedule as well. The plan is to write as much as possible. I'm hoping to reconnect with my journal, the sad truth is that I still haven't finished filling the journal I started last time we were in Czech. Anyone who knows anything about my usual journaling habits will be shocked and maybe even saddened by that statistic. It saddens me, and I'm hoping to pick it up again, and reclaim that piece of my life. I plan to take lots of fun Euro pics, and write some fun travel posts. I'm also hoping to go over my challenge book one last time, so it can be ready to publish before my birthday in November. That's a long list of goals, especially knowing we will also be visiting family in Czech and Germany, as well as hanging out with friends as much as possible, but what's life without some big dreams, right?

So my guess is, next post will be from the other side... :D

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