Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Have Success!

So here goes. I've got a seriously large amount of photos to share, and a lot more stories to write, so I'm hoping to do a bit of journal/blogging backlog. Perhaps my daily life has become to normal, perhaps I feel hesitant to write much about my general daily drama because I have the whole business thing going on, or perhaps I just lack the drive to be transparent about how exhausting it is to be a business owner. Okay, it's probably a mix of all these things. Basically, I just think travel stories are more interesting, so that's what you're going to get :)

On a three week trip, everything is more intense. Every day has to be taken advantage of, because there are so few of them. While a three week holiday might end up feeling long, a three week trip home quickly becomes a blur. And with jet lag to deal with, getting on schedule quickly is essential.

In order to keep ourselves awake, after an excessively long day of travel, as soon as we got to Marianske Lazne, we went for a walk. Being back in that comfortable place had a magical effect on both of us. It was as though several years evaporated and we were young lovers once more. We walked through the parks, holding hands and remembering dreams of making the abandoned ruins our future homes.

Amazingly, this little beauty is actually for sale. Can you imagine turning this palatial building into a home? Sounds fabulous to me. Maybe someday...

We remembered the beauty of peaceful parks and healthy springs:

Now, after all the effort to get my blog to work, my computer is nearly out of power. In order to make sure I get this posted I'll just add one last photo and give it a rest for now. I just want you to picture living in a town where this is a detail on the police station:


Jennifer Fulford said...

We've lost so much of that wonderful architectural language in the US. The Old World is truly a treasure, and being there adds a romantic feeling you'd be hard pressed to recreate in the states. Lovely shots.

Transient Drifter said...

You're so right, there is no way to compare the architecture here with what they have going on in Europe. There is nothing better than just wandering those old streets and imagining how long they have been there and how many people have passed those ways. That's part of why I have always wanted to write, to recapture the lives that have been, or might be.

beckynot said...

It's a pretty last photo.

I test out everywhere in my head as a potential home, so I can imagine it.