Monday, September 30, 2013

Oops, Where Did September Go?

So I totally thought I would manage to get more posted his month. I scarcely scratched he surface of our trip, and still have endless photos to share. But life is what it is. Fall has come to Oregon in full force, bringing with it the beginning of the holiday season, which is joyfully a busy time in retail. Add a rise in work responsibilities, and the slow burning effects of jet lag, I've gotten lazy in the evenings and fallen behind.

September is coming to a close, and I still have a number of goLs to reach. My book has made a little progress, but there is still a considerable amount of rewriting to finish, as well as cover art and a final decision on publishg media to make. I remain determined to finish it up before mid November, as well as needing to get some crocheting projects underway for the shop. Life doesn't let up much, but I like the fast pace, and look forward to seeing what the season will bring, although I wouldn't mind if the stormy weather cleared up ;)

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