Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two days to MD day!

No, that doesn't stand for "medical doctor" silly people. It means two days until my parents arrive in the Czech Republic! I'm super excited about it. Seems to be that third year's the charm. Only a couple days after Mom and Dad fly back to the US, I'll be joined by amazing Swedish friend Malin for Easter weekend, and a little bird told me that Julie's passport is in the mail with intentions for a May visit! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. I'm just so thankful that they're all able to come and share a little bit in the life I have here. Plus, I love them all so much and so I'm super excited to have some time with them too!
My house is now totally spic and span. I've got the place to myself as everyone else has cleared out for Spring Break. Yesterday I did a top to bottom deep cleaning. Merry Maids and the Maids would be proud of my ability to remember their wise teaching. Top to bottom, left to right, I gave this place the works, even scrubbing the shower doors that I don't think have seen the wrath of a sponge...ever...Amazing what it's like when you can actually see through them! So maybe that last statement reflects a bit poorly on me, but I've scrubbed everything else in this house quite a few times. They just never seemed to be as frighteningly dirty as they really were :)
Anyhow, the place looks fabulous. I don't like walking barefoot as a general rule, but I've had to do it a few times just to appreciate fully how clean my floors are. I even washed all the little area rugs and my comforter. We're talking squeaky clean.
This has to be one of the most boring blogs ever. Am I seriously updating the "world" on my spring cleaning? Um, yep, sorta looks like I am.
In other news, I've started writing "something." That means something that isn't in journal, blog, or e-mail form. Mark was literally jumping up and down when he realized what I was doing. He's been after me for ages to "prove it" and now I'm seeing if I can do just that. Wow, I've used a frightfully large number of quotation marks in this piece, and yet not included a single dialogue. Of course, it would be a little scary if I was doing dialogues right now considering that I've been alone in my house for the past two days. Other than a few phone calls, I'm left with only the sound of my own voice. Let's just say Mark's going to get an earful when I go to his house tomorrow night! That will be three days of pent up conversations streaming out in a jumble. I hope he's enjoyed this time of solitude!
It seems the month of March is already over. I've reached my 5 post line, and once Mom and Dad arrive I know the time will just fly. I've got my students working on some great projects for them. They're all making travel brochures about the Czech Republic which they will present and then give to my parents. That way they get a new type of English practice, and my parents will know a bit more about this country without me having to come up with any facts on my own :)
And with that I'll close, making no promises of a reappearance during the family visit.

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Anonymous said...

And lets not forget all the practice you had cleaning at Simpson College as a dining center janitor. Good times!