Monday, March 15, 2010

Maminka a Tata je tady!

Well, I should probably be heading off to bed, but I've decided to do a quick post. I'll be sure to put up better updates later on, but for now I just thought I'd share a few pictures of the trip thus far. Mark and I picked Mom and Dad up from the airport in Prague on Thursday and made sure they had a good traditional Czech meal their first night. Mom had KnedliVeproZeli (Dumplings, Pork and Sauerkraut) and Dad tried some Cesky Gulas with bread dumplings. Good way to start them off.

Friday morning we hauled all the luggage to the train station and headed off for Dresden. Unfortunately no one told the weather that it was supposed to be nice and sunny. I mean, we even stayed at the Sunshine Hostel (once we managed to find it) but we were still followed by ugly gray skies and dripping cold weather. We've been followed by a mixture of rain and snow since they arrived. Not the ideal weather for traipsing about Europe, but such is life.
We had a great time in Dresden all the same, and enjoyed taking in the sights. I'll just toss on a few photos here to give a sampling of the amazing things we saw.
These first two photos show us posed by Martin Luther with the amazing backdrop of the Frauen Kirche. Almost completely destroyed on Valentine's Day 1945, it has only recently been rebuilt to reflect it's former glory. We were all most impressed.

We saw pictures where Martin Luther was on the ground, completely separated from his feet. Pretty crazy.
Here's one of me and Mom on the S bahn, and a really lovely one of some dried hydrangeas. Mom really liked the flower one, so I made sure to post it here for her :)

And now I'll just close with a few shots of the town. It's a pretty impressive city with a very interesting history. Amazing how the people have finally been able to rebuild.

We headed back to Cheb on Sunday, with a very lengthy complicated train ride, and today I took Mom and Dad out to Sokolov where we picked up a rental car so hopefully our travels will be a bit easier and more predictable. The only problem now is figuring out where to park. It can be a bit complicated. I've left Mom and Dad sleeping at Tammy's place, and now I'm off to get a few zzzzs before tomorrow!

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Mandy said...

So good that after your "being alone for far too lon" post, I read about your parent's visit! Have a fab time with them! X