Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On the ball

but it just keeps bouncing...
Ever had the sort of day when you feel like you should be getting things done, you have the time, you have the need, you're even moving, but still it doesn't seem like anything is happening.
I'm having one of those days.
I can see these long lists of things that are somehow supposed to magically come together, but I can't exactly figure out how to make that happen. My wheels are just spinning and spinning, the sun is shining, and nothing is happening.
I think, "I can write e-mails." But I don't.
I think, "I can look up activities to do with my parents." But I don't. There are still a few days before they arrive. It will all iron itself out.
I think, "I could go for a walk in this lovely sunny weather." But I realize that when I walked home from work today it was cold. And there are those things I'm supposed to be doing, right???
I think, "it's about high time I finish the book I've been reading since Christmas." But there are still so many pages, and I should be accomplishing things, right? And reading doesn't really count as accomplishing things now, does it?
I think, "I could start the cleaning process so that things look pleasant when my parents arrive." But I know that the dust bunnies will multiply prolifically between now and then, and I already have plans to clean on Monday.
Then I find myself looking at Visa applications but not really knowing what to do with them. And I think about jobs in the future, but haven't the slightest clue where to start, just like every time I think about future jobs. Haven't had the best track record with finding jobs anyway.
Hmmm...Maybe I'm just becoming a big whiner. Secretly, all I want to do right now is curl up in front of another episode of the Gilmore Girls. Just so I can sit in on someone else's frustrating issues rather than trying to figure out the answers to mine. (sigh)
Well, at least I've managed to post another blog. That's certainly got to count for something in the grand scheme of things. Although I doubt there's a book deal anywhere in the stuff I toss up here. I'm supposed to be writing for real, and yet that dream seems far from any sort of fruition.
Yes, officially a whiner. Pa-Thet-Ic!
But there really truly is blue sky outside. So why hasn't it settled in my brain? I'm ready for breezy summer days and lighter layers of clothes. I'm ready for green grass and flowers, the sound of birds and a new found motivation.

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Deanna said...

I vote for Gilmore Girls. More specifically, Season 2 of Gilmore Girls.