Monday, March 1, 2010

Double Duty

Yep, that's right, two posts in one day. In fact, I'm writing this immediately after finishing the one previous. But I didn't really feel like that one needed anything else added to it. Rather a stand alone sort of piece, rather than something to tag photos onto the end. So I'll throw the photos on here. (Nearly said I'd throw the photos up here, but thought maybe the vomiting visual might be a bit much. Naturally, as I've now said it anyway I'm not sure if it was much use not to just put it. Ah well.)
This past weekend was a busy one. While the lovely clear blue skies of Thursday didn't last out the entire weekend, the feeling of Spring is still here to stay. Or so I keep telling myself. But just check out this view from Thursday. Fabulous, simply fabulous!

I also feel the need to add this picture as well. I was just so amused by how the shadow of the branch totally looked like a squirrel!

I think I can safely say that Pub Night on Friday was the smallest one ever. There were possibly 15 students that showed up over the course of the night. Two of them were actually students from my first year. It was really great to see Martin, who has been in Australia for the past year and a half. Some of his other classmates were supposedly going to come, but the only ones who showed up were Kristyna, who wasn't actually in my class that year, and Henry who seldom misses a pub night due to his insatiable thirst for inebriation.

I spent most of my time talking to Marketa and Tyna, two of my daily students from this year. They're great fun, and it's really nice to see how their English is improving from the beginning of the year. Marketa confessed that when she first started she felt like she really didn't know any English at all, but now she's really getting more and more into it. I adore them both and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them, as well as cheering with them as we watched a Czech girl win the bronze medal in the slaloms. They laughed a lot at me cheering "Vyborne Sarka! Vyborne!" Good times.

I was good and didn't stay out very late because I had to be at the train station before 8 the next morning. Saturday I had another CA meeting in Prague, so off I went, bright and early, heading for the big city. It was a long day, but nice as well. I do enjoy CA meetings, and the chance it gives to pray for the people on our team, and to think of ways to better encourage them in what they're doing here. And here's a random sight from outside Kelly's house. Just had to throw this one in ;)

Can't say I'd ever seen a caviar truck before, and can't say that I particularly ever want to see one again. So...yeah.
Sunday morning, I opted for a little private and personal time. I curled up in Starbucks with a steamy cup or gooey caramel covered coffee, a 180 podcast on my ipod and a view of fantastically beautiful Art Nouveau hotels across the street. Pretty great way to start a day if you ask me!

Love it!

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