Thursday, March 28, 2013

Today's Thoughts From the Shoppe

Is it better to start super slow, then have things pick up and get busy in the afternoon, or have a good busy morning only to have everything come to a standstill by noon?

How can one maintain a cheery attitude when people come to your CARD store, to mail cards they bought somewhere else? Do they not realize there are still impersonal drop boxes in the city?

Is it really worth updating a facebook status more than once in a day just because you can?

If our shoppe gains an online presence, will that negate my ability to have a blog where I can complain with candor? Has that, maybe happened already, and I should learn to deal with it?

Why can't blogger and Apple get together so I can easily post photos from my iPad so this could be more interesting?

When it rains, people don't want to go out, when it's sunny people want to go out, but not back in, so when is it optimal for shoppers to show up?

Is it better to focus on business type projects on slow days, only to feel even more bored by the gloomy topic, or to spend time catching up with pretty/fun/interesting things online to get your mind off it?

End note, business is not bad, just slow at times, and my mind wanders, so I thought I would share. Is is not a pity post, but anyone who wants to come shopping, rain or shine, would be welcome ;)

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