Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of THOSE girls

I've never been one of "those" girls. You know, the ones who are always so put together and fashionable. Like they could literally look at pictures in a fashion magazine, go out and buy those clothes, and look exactly as amazing as they envisioned they would. (I remember once in High School when those cardigans with camis underneath were super popular. I thought the look was really cute and dressy, so I tried one on. Just. Did. Not. Work on me. Not at all. I looked frumpy, off kilter, and just wrong.)

They're also the ones who can scatter trinkets on a table and have it look like art. When I try, it generally looks like I really need to de-clutter.

They can throw their hair up in a mess, and it looks adorable. Every time. Every style. It just works for them. I, on e other hand, never figured out anything beyond the wash and go look. Sure, I'll straighten my hair every now and again (not nearly as scary as using a curling iron) and the classic ponytail is my number one standby.

But there are days, especially after perusing the blogs of my lovely friends, or flipping through this, st and the other site online, where I wish I could somehow morph into one of those girls. I long for real ankles, rather than cankles, that would be highlighted by a classy pair of heels and a fun skirt or dress. Or I think how fun it would be to have silky smooth hair that flows, rather than being frizzy, but still sticking to my head at the same time. (Sigh)

Now, honestly, I don't want to come off as whiny. Maybe what would really be best if some of those oh so perfect ones could just have an honestly bad hair day. Or maybe they could try a style that they can't pull off? I know, I'm grasping at straws, but a girl can dream, right?

Guess I'll just have to settle with knowing how to look friendly and comfortable, rather than stylish and trendy. (Sigh). Of course, the other option is having my books becoming wildly famous so I can employ a stylist. Take a look at pictures of Sthephanie Myers pre and post Twilight fame and you'll get my drift ;)


Lisa said...

I think friendly and comfy are way more important than trendy...although your entire post resonates with me, LOL!

Jennifer Fulford said...

I read some of the fashion blogs, too, but it leaves me feeling very unfashionable, the least of my worries. I'd rather spend my money getting a book edited or published. Priorities.