Wednesday, March 13, 2013

16 Hours In A Car...Totally Worth It!

There are ALWAYS more productive things I could/should be doing. If I was drinking 5 hour energy I would no doubt figure out how to run a successful business in person and online, write/edit/and publish my newest novel, update (and keep up to date) all my social media sights, maintain my creative exercises and physical exercise, cook three times a day from scratch, keep my house immaculate, and have a social life. But the copious quantities of Dr.Pepper and Coke I drink unfortunately have not promoted me to "able to perform miracles" status. So while I should be researching business ideas and new product ideas, the past couple days I have been reading up on my favorite blogs and just indulging me-ness.

Maybe I started feeling the need when I went to the little high school reunion/get together a couple weeks ago. I had expected to relive awkward old memories, and see how much we had all aged, but, instead, was swept into a surreal time warp where almost everyone looked the same as they did 16 years ago, and yet none of us had to act like awkward teenagers. Okay, there was one exception to the rule, but on the whole it was a pleasant experience that reminded me of good things, like how much fun drama was, how amazing Becky Lee Coon was, and how much I still want to be an author.

Beyond that, this past weekend was a barrel full of nostalgia. At long last, we had a weekend free. We opened the shop as usual, but cut out around 1 and headed east. I tried to add a photo, but blogger clearly hasn't figured out how to function with an iPad yet... Anyhow, the 8 hour drive was long, but the weather was perfect, and we got to Lewiston just early enough to catch a $1 movie, for old time's sake.

No one was awake at the homestead when we arrived, but, with a little persistent nudging, Sumatra did accept being petted. You'd never believe that pesky wonderful cat is 17 years old! The next day was divided between time with family and trips to our old haunts around the Moscow area. All good and entertaining.

Then came Sunday, and the arrival of the Shaw clan. How perfect that we were able to come up the weekend they flew down from Alaska. My teenage nieces are beautiful, hilarious, and straight up amazing. The day was spent catching up with the generations, and was concluded with a massive bonfire. I really wish I could post some of the photos, but, alas, that is not to be today.

We spent a bit more time with the family on Monday, not wanting to go, yet knowing that another 8 hour plus car ride was looming in our future. Thankfully, the pleasant weather held, and after photos documenting that my two oldest nieces now tower over me (thankfully not by quite as much as my three oldest nephews!) we were on our way back to Oregon.

As exhausting as all that driving can be, it was well worth the trip, and managed to be refreshing as well. The whole thing put me in the mood to reconnect, reflect, and get back into traveling...

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Anonymous said...

So glad you came. It was wonderful to have you and Marek here with us! Glad to see some new posts too. :)