Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

I've been saving up some photos from weekend trips, and thought I'd just lay them out here now and be done with them :) Yesterday I was privileged enough to go to Cheb and visit with some old friends. I came early and took a bunch of new photos, so I wanted to get these older ones taken care of so I could move on and put up the next section. I really feel like one of those college students who can't chose a major. Should I be a writer? Should I be a photographer? Should I be a tour guide? Clearly my brain was designed for drifting.

Since my husband is quite disinterested in the art of shopping, my mom-in-law has enjoyed having a girl to travel around with. A couple weeks ago she and I took a trip to Plzen on our own. She told me it was the first time she had been on a train in ten years! Craziness! She didn't seem to think they had improved much in the time she had been boycotting them :) Despite large gaps in language ability, we had a great time, and were able to communicate. Even I brought up topics for "conversation," and she seemed able to follow along for the most part.

One of the great things is when she just talks whether I understand or not. It helps me to pick up on more, and to feel like my attention is valued even if my vocabulary is limited. I still love picturing my parents and my in laws sitting around a table with maps, each set talking on and on in their own separate unidentifiable languages. Priceless :)

Anyhow, as a result of a couple shopping trips I contribute pictures of Plzen as well as the "haul."

Also in that weekend I went to Germany again and had another shot at ice skating. My mom-in-law was along this time, and showed me how easy it is to go fast and to skate backwards. She has had great fun since telling people how she held my hand for a couple rounds and I kept saying how we were going so fast and how there were so many people. Always good to know I can supply entertainment.

Let it be known that on that trip I skated for about two hours and didn't fall down at all. The wall is still my neighbor, but it's getting more distant.

Last weekend we took a trip to visit Marek's grandmother. It was so nice to see her again. She's just precious, and she loved our wedding photo book. I need to make more copies when I get back home and send them over for the family. Why didn't I think of that before? Not always the brightest.

Going both directions we saw all sorts of beautiful countryside, quaint villages, and fabulous castles. Many of them were places we visited when Julie came for a visit. This time we had more important things to do than sight seeing, but we did take one little break along the way and I took some back side photos of Horsovsky Tyn.

Be sure to come back soon for more of my attempts at adding travel photography to my resume of accolades ;)

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Anonymous said...

you go girl!! Ice skating eluded me. Only went for Cheryl's birthday when we were living in Touchet. Rubber ankles! :D

Glad you got to visit Marek's grandmother.