Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From Mixed Up To Utterly Confused...

I'm not even going to try to fix my last post. This might seem silly, but I get frustrated when it looks like there is some inconsistency, so I'm going to explain it all here, and then you can read the next post and hopefully it will make sense.

1) I wrote a blog post called "All Time Is Unredeemable"

2) The label section got messed up so I went to fix it

3) The labels were fixed, but, althouth the blog had already posted properly once, the text disappeared.

4) I got irritated.

5) I rewrote the post with the same title, but different text. I left a question hanging at the end about how we'll never know whether it was better or worse than the first post unless time does decide to exist all together in a physical way as well as in an incoherent possible way.

6) I published the new post.

7) I went back to delete the old post, only to discover that the text had somehow returned.

8) I reposted the original post, and added to the second post a little note about how they are both there to compare now.

9) I looked at the original post and realized that it was now identical to the new post. So the first content really was gone, and for some reason completely unfathomable to me, it had doubled itself into both posts.

10) I went back to delete the redundant original post, and found it to be empty.

11) I got worried that if this post was empty, trying to reedit the second post might drive it into oblivion as well.

12) I decided to write this post to explain all the weirdness in the post that has been saved.

13) So after all the time I spent looking for a cool title by T.S. Eliot to add to my list, I changed it and am too afraid to swap it back because then that blog might disappear as well.

Hopefully this sorts out whatever confusion might take place when reading the next note. Ugh.

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Jennifer Fulford AKA jennysound said...

Very funny post. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am also new to Portland but just found a small crit group to join. It took a while. Check out Willamette Writers and The Attic for connections, or better yet, email me when you get to town. Good luck on the move. jennysound/jmfwriter