Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Maybe It's a Touch of Pixie Dust

Driving around through the Czech Republic might look a lot like crusing through the Willamette Valley of Oregon, but there is a distinct difference. Nestled amongst the forested hills, beside the resting fields, and tucked securely in river bends are ancient villages (not small towns but definitely villages) where ancient cathedrals stand with spires sparkling in the sun, and castles make apperances along teh way. It jsut isn't something you can compare to America. It makes this place seem other worldly somehow.
It's hard to explain just how enchating this place can be. I have yet to visit any of these fascinating places since my arrival. I guess knowing we'll be here for three months has us moving a little more slowly than we would if we were only here for two weeks. There's also the fact that for my Love, this is just home. Fantastic, wonderfully glorious, home. He is more than content to curl up in the room of his childhood and just be here.
Much as I love it, I want a little bit more. I want to go out and explore. I want to take my ancient digital camera and discover new details. I want to feel that I'm having a European experience, not just spend all day in our little room here. (sigh)
I know we will do more as the days go by, but it has started snowing, and that makes it less than appealing to just wander about on my own. Snow can be lovely, don't get me wrong, but with no personal mode of transportation except my own feet, the idea of just going anywhere means being cold and wet. Not really my favorite things.
On the positively bright side of things, I've really been getting back to the challenge. After a week of not feeling capable of holding on to any type of schedule, I've spent the past two days writing seriously. Due to some complications in transferring the data from my macbook to my iPad, I'm not able to track how many pages I've written, but I'm gonna guess it's quite a few :) And the magic of this place seems to be working for my story as well. I'm not quite ready to hand out details just yet, but living in a fairy tale sort of land lends itself well to the task at hand.
I've been working on preparing some pictures to post, because I know that is far more interesting than miles of basic text, but for some reason I haven't figured out how to get the computer to hook up to the internet, so for now, I'll just end this post with some suspense. Maybe there will be pictures next time...maybe there won't.

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