Saturday, December 31, 2011

And, wait for it, wait for's here!

Well the moment is now very nearly upon us. 2012. My friends in Hong Kong have already arrived, it's about two hours away here in Czech, and the US is just behind the times. They'll catch up eventually, but it's interesting to think of the time wa that is the world. I don't know that I have much to share about new Czech traditions I have learned for New Years because I really haven't learned any. We've been eating little chlebičky bites all day, and there is a serious pyrotechnic planned when the time is right,mbut that's about it besides parties on tv. Not a whole lot different from the US, except I thi the fireworks are a bigger deal here, more like 4th of July stateside. It's been quite a year. There have been ups and downs a plenty, but in the end I am happy I have found my Live and that we have the chance to ring in this new year together. So at the end of my record breaking post year, I wish whoever reads this all the best and a very Happy New Year :)

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