Thursday, April 30, 2009

Witch Burning!

Tonight is the night when winter witches are thrown onto massive bonfires to burn and welcome in the freshness of Spring. I'm really hoping to have a chance to take part in this fascinating cultural celebration, but I'm not sure how it'll work out because we've been having a massive thunder storm today which isn't very promising for an outdoor festival. At the moment, however, the sky is blue and full of sunshine, so maybe there is hope yet.
This is the beginning of a three day weekend. I'm quite excited about that. So nice to have a little extra time off as the school year is coming to a close and everyone (students and teachers alike) are getting burned out. It's harder and harder to fill classrooms, and to feel spunky and motivated in front of them. Only two months left, and then I'll be home for a busy summer tour. Time really does move quickly at this time of year.
I wanted to make a small amendment to my last post. I think one of the important things for me to remember, besides being loving to the people outside the church, is to continue loving those inside the church with whom I differ so greatly. I think it is easy for me to condemn the things that I see as faults in the system, and hold them against the people who are involved. What we really need is a greater sense of unity among believers as well. An ability to accept that our goal is to be more like Christ in this dark world, rather than obsessing over small doctrinal differences.
Okay, it's class time so I'd best away. Blessings to you all for May Day!

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