Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to Prague...this time in the rain...

It seems that our glorious weather was, indeed, to good to hold onto. The rain has come back today. Heavy. Dark. Cold. Can't say I'm all together thrilled. I know that "April showers bring May flowers" but couldn't the rain just come like a mystery in the night? I mean, I'd be TOTALLY cool with that!
I've got another meeting in Prague tomorrow. I guess the weather is actually beneficial for that. It feels a lot better to sit in a meeting for 5 hours in the rain than it does when things are bright and beautiful outside. I'm also planning to meet up with Ben and Sarah who will be in Prague for the weekend as well. I'm excited to see them again. And this time we'll be in a city that I know a thing or two about.
I think my stomach has finally gone back to normal now. Or at least close enough that I was able to eat regular lunch food today. Maybe it was more than being sun sick, but whatever the cause it sure wasn't fun.
Life proceeds and I do my best to move along with it.

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