Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More about that weekend...

After dinner the four of us headed up to Wenceslas Square. It was a lovely evening and we enjoyed scoping out bad fashion (ah Beige Boy, thou art so 80s) and chatting until Ben and Sarah had to return to their elderly hosts and pots of tea. Laura and I proceeded back down through Old Town where we were magically greeted by the dulcet tones of two violins playing Canon in D. It was so lovely we were transfixed. Of course we had to avoid one of the many couples who saw fit to be all over each other in the midst of the music, but it was still an enjoyable experience. Laura made a wedding purchase, then we meandered on to the always amazing Charles Bridge.
I can't recall of this saying was brought up my year at training, but when Laura learned the term "No-mantic" she grasped onto it tightly with both hands and made it her own. So as we strolled arm in arm, and rested against the bit of space that wasn't under construction, looking out into the starry night, the sound of yet another violinist in our ears, we drank in the beauty of all that is good and true and pure and lovely. It is good to be able to really take in these exquisite moments, even when all the circumstances do not seem ideal. Together we stood until the man had to stop his playing and the crowd around him dissipated. We took a tram back to Nad Aleji and there learned that Rick Steves, writer of travel guide books and very cheezy host of a PBS travel show is, in fact, a pot head. And not just an occasional quite pot smoker, but a full time responsible pot use spokesperson. Random. Yes. Random.
Sunday the weather returned to being lovely and fair. Laura and I met up with Ben and Sarah in front of the Mucha museum. I've long appreciated the art of Mucha (ever since Becky Lee gave me a poster of his for high school graduation) but today I learned a lot more about the man behind the art. He was a pretty fascinating character, and had a deep love for his people. His great dream was to paint the Slavic Epic, a series of paintings that would tell the woes and triumphs of the Slavic people. Unfortunately, he died before he could complete it. The one good thing about that was that he missed out on seeing the creation of the USSR, not exactly the brilliant joining of the Slavic nations of which he dreamed.
We wandered around and enjoyed the art work. I got a couple little things that cost far too much, and then we returned to the Municipal Building with freshly Mucha-fied eyes.

Then it was time for Ben and Sarah to depart. I'm so glad I was able to spend a little more time with them seeing as how I don't know when it will happen again.
Laura and I decided to allow ourselves some time to just enjoy being in Prague. Quite honestly, we're sure the people who are living there have no concept of just how much they have. Not only is the place teeming with culture and all sorts of things to see and do, any time you need something, or have a craving for an American experience, those are there readily to be had as well. We ate at Subway as though it was just a normal thing that normal people can do. It was so nice. We wandered the Easter markets where I picked up a really spectacular three paneled painting. Then we went, wonder of all wonders, to Starbucks. Seriously, they just can't appreciate it enough.
The day was so nice that I was able to order my Grande Caramel Frappacino. Oh the wonder of it all. I can't even describe the enormous amount of pleasure I derived from the first sip. In my mind's eye I could see so many locations around the world wherein I have also had this experience. So many memories of emotions and days. It truly was a wonder. And we had this view out the window.

Spring was everywhere to be seen. On our way to the train station I just had to stop for this little tulip moment.

And even Cheb has a little springtime offering for you all.

And now I must away as it is time for class once more.

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