Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to share some pics of the Italian Party

So I'm not really much into writing at the moment. Sort of distracted and feeling distant. But I thought it would be nice to finally post a bit and put up a few pictures from the Italian party Laura slaved over a couple of weeks ago. It was a pretty amazing event, although I didn't feel quite as styling in my dressy outfit as I did dressed up for Halloween :)

Here you can see how nicely she made up the table. Also the menu that Laura made up. Jonathan spent quite a bit of time in Italy and speaks fluent Italian and he helped with the words, as well as doing most of the cooking.
The party planning chefs gone WILD!

Here we are sitting at the table and then you can see the amazing dish that Jonathan threw together.

Here you can see us all dressed up. I was counted in as one of the party throwers, but basically all I did was clean up the house a bit. Ah well.

This last picture is from the morning after on our way to church. I was so captivated by the drops of dew clinging to the spidery filaments. What a wonder...

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