Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On the go again, naturally

So I have a ton of photos from Vienna, and even a couple from my birthday, that I will be posting presently, but life in this republic never seems to slow down long enough for me to breathe. Tonight I'm heading out once again to Prague, and tomorrow morning I'll be on a train to Breclav, followed by a "coach" out past Hodonin for the ESI Thanksgiving Retreat. Generally I'd be really looking forward to this venture, especially as it means a short teaching week, but things are just extra hectic right now and I'm sick to boot. I started feeling a cold coming on early last week, and it made for a rather miserable train ride to Vienna. I managed to pull it together and had a great time running around the city, but since coming back to Cheb I've just been exhausted. Yesterday I taught for 8 hours to make up for the time I'll be missing tomorrow, and also had my Czech class, so I feel like I've only been home about an hour since returning from Vienna. I'll live, but I'd much rather be curling up in my bed than getting on a train around 8 this evening.
Enough of my complaining. I'm sure it'll be great to see all the crew from Central Europe. Wonder if there'll be any snow this year...
So I do promise some interesting catch up posts in the future, but for now I need to get home to pack and drink some hot citrus juice with honey to keep my boss happy:)

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