Thursday, September 4, 2008

Second first week...almost done

Well, as suspected this second first week has been long indeed. I still have four classes left (8 teaching hours for those with shorter classes) and then I'll be free, or at least sort of, for the weekend! I still have two classes I haven't met with, as I only see them once a week, and I'll be going to them in a little over an hour. Of the maybe 50 students I had last year, this year I have only 5 or 6 of them back again. I'm still pretty torn up about it, but there's really nothing to be done. Just have to try to find ways to make the best of all the new students, and hopefully I'll have chances to see the others every now and again. At least we still have our English Pub Night all together to look forward to at the end of every month.
I suppose it really is time for me to get a newsletter written. Maybe sometime this weekend. It looks like it'll be a rather lonely Friday as Tammy is still in Prague after her surgery (speaking of which, she came through everything fine, but they didn't discover ANYTHING wrong with her!) and Laura has already been invited out by one of her colleagues. So "Sarah amuses herself alone," will be the name of this Friday night.
The rain returned last night with a vengeance. After a lovely sunny day I was surprised to hear something pounding outside. Sure enough, the clouds were pelting massive drops of water at our windows, the wind whipping signs around on the street below, and lightning electrifying the sky. Feels like being back on the West Coast for sure :)
Speaking of the West Coast, I gave my students a brief tutorial on the ever changing "home" of Sarah. I think they were pretty fascinated, seeing as how most of them have only lived in one place their entire lives, or possibly two. When a new student was added to the class I listened to them rapidly informing me of my diverse dwelling places in Czech. Oregonu is just a funny word. The joys of Czech endings.
Anyhow, I just wanted to say the second first week really is going to be over soon!

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McNeil said...

dearest transient drifter,

fun, random, and abrupt news:
i will be leaving next week for vienna where i will be working and living (with the Lipscomb study abroad program...pretty sweet, eh?).
oregon is no more but europe is, so maybe we should make a promise to play together this fall??? yes, i think so.

much love...