Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A bit of a blow

I'm pretty much ready to just be out of the office today, but wanted to at least put up a little something about how the first week is going. Well, yesterday was pretty much terrible. Not that the classes went poorly, but I discovered that I don't have ANY of my old classes. I have a couple of students who have switched around and will be in my classes, but basically nothing. I'll be teaching the FCE class again, but it's not the same students either. Seeing as how the main reason I wanted to come back was to get to know my students better, it hit me really hard when I discovered that was an option in the way I had anticipated. I mean, I saw some of them yesterday, and they all said we would have to go out to a pub sometime and talk again, but it's not the same as getting to be with them in class a couple times a week. It just made me really sad and I basically cried my head off all last night until about 12:30 when I finally quit writing in my journal and forced myself to go to bed.
I think the daily classes will be good, although I'm teaching two of them this year, and one of them is really low. I'm not used to working with such low students and it's a super huge challenge for me. I'm not good at speaking so slowly or simply. My main asset is the fact that I can handle the English language easily, so to be working with people who have trouble forming a simple sentence in English is a little out of my league.
I know God knows what He's doing somehow, but it doesn't make any sense to me at the moment.
But, enough whining, I'm going home for the day!

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Crystal said...

You may actually find your lower level class to be one of your favorites after a while. That's how it happened for me. I was scared to death of my new class that I got at mid-term, but they ended up being one of my favorites because it was so easy to get through the lesson time with them. All I had to do was explain every single thing I said! And when I told simple stories from my life that they could understand, they were completely enraptured. Here's hoping it goes well for you!