Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beginning of the Projects

Or maybe I should say the middle. Whatever. It's been an interesting week with all the field trips. Sadly the weather has decided to be less than splendid. It's been in the mid to low 40s this week. I'm already wearing my winter coat, which isn't exactly encouraging as it's still officially summer. GRRRR!!! Still, it's been really nice to have a change of pace.
On Monday the students who are from Cheb gave presentations about the city. They talked about the location and region, basic history facts, and facts about tourism and shopping. Then there were longer reports about sports and recreation, culture, and specific reports on significant buildings like the castle and churches in town. It was a lot of fun. I think the students really enjoyed it too, although we were all pretty much freezing by the end of it.
After walking around in the cold, we made our way to a small pub where we had drinks and talked in English for a really long time. I was very impressed with them for speaking in English so much. I think this year's group has a lot of promise. They seemed to be quite motivated and really interested in improving their English, so I'm excited.

Yesterday we did some critiques of the presentations and they created a quiz. Pretty sure I passed it! Especially the grammar correction bit. :) Then today we headed off to the second town, but I haven't had a chance to upload pictures from that trip, so they'll have to wait for the next post. We have one more town to cover this week. I'm curious to see what the last group will do as they've now had a chance to see how other people have done it.
On Friday I'm headed to Prague for our first business weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing the other teachers. It'll be nice to be back in that beautiful city again as well. I really do enjoy Prague, but I'm finding more and more about Cheb to enjoy as well. Between Laura and her fresh eyes, and Roshani, another new teacher in town who is equally inspired by the smallness of it all, and just feeling so comfortable with the places that surround me, I'm seeing that Cheb does have a lot to offer. Maybe not the thrills and excitement that a larger city would provide, but it's a chance to really get to know Czech culture and the people who live in this fascinating country.

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rach said...

Hey girl,
Keep your eyes open for Becca this weekend as their group is making a trip to Prague too. Thanks for your updates. It is fun to read and see what you are doing. Love and miss ya. Oh, and there is a slight chance I will try and make it to visit Becca and if I do I will definitely want to see you too.