Monday, September 22, 2008

On a positive note!

I'm able to be online in my flat! So excited about that. Okay, so I'm not quite bouncing off the walls the way Laura was :) but I am pretty seriously thrilled. Not a whole lot more to say at the moment. Oh, except for the fact that the busker has returned to his post by hypernova. In fact, today he was taking up residence right outside the door to Winfield.
Now I'm not fully opposed to people performing on the street and making some money off it. At least not when they actually sound decent. But this! Talk about awful. We're talking he can't sing, he can't play guitar, and he can't decided what language to use or what season he's singing in. It's pretty terrible. And yet he comes out, day after day, rain or shine, and sings his little heart out. The odd bit is, he doesn't look like he's bad off. I'm afraid someone lied to him and said he was good, and now he's just doing what he can to destroy all our ears. Ah well.
Well, Laura has gone to bed, so I should give up typing for the evening. I'm just super excited to have it working here. I'll be able to update more often with pictures this way to be certain. Yippee!!!

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rebekah said...

Local Internet access is ALWAYS a cause for celebration :)