Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sitting in Moscow...

Yep, I'm back in Idaho. The trip was long and tedious. I was fortunately able to stay awake with no problems all night in the airport. I had a wee bit of journaling to do let's just say. I made it easily on all my flights, and all my luggage arrived, although I have yet to go through it to make sure nothing broke.
Cheryl and the girls picked me up about 2 minutes after I came out thought customs, so it really couldn't have been any more perfect. Well, I wouldn't have minded not having to drive for 7 hours, but at least there was the option of a 32 oz Dr. Pepper. was worth the wait.
I managed to keep myself up until about ten last night, then crashed out pretty hard. The nice thing is, it's daytime here and it feels like daytime. I'm still a little groggy, and have to go through all my stuff, and hopefully find more clothes that have been buried somewhere at mom and dad's, but at least I've arrived.

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annong said...

hehe glad to know that you're back in the US safely and back into american culture... dr pepper! made me smile! :) hope you have a good summer holiday!