Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flying by already

I spent some time yesterday with a calendar, realizing just how little time I really have here. How can I best make the most of every moment. It's so hard to figure it all out. And then there are the financial strains of the current fuel situation. Hard to imagine that what seems like a few short years ago I was freaking out when gas got up to $1.29. I never dreamed it would get over $2, and now it's past $4. So when is that we're going to convert to something besides fossil fuels? (sigh) I'm a slave of the system like everyone else.
This morning I went with the family to the orphan horses home just outside of Moscow. I've got to admit that, while I enjoy horses, I'm not exactly obsessed with them. Haley, on the other hand, was absolutely in Heaven. It was good fun to watch the kids playing around with the horses, and we learned a lot about the work the guy does there. There is even a "famous" movie horse there, who was in Dances With Wolves and was then sold to some loser who just wanted a famous horse but didn't take care of him. Sad to see the way people can be so cruel to animals. Anyhow, it was a nice outing. I've got some good photos that I might put up later. Currently my computer is in the shop, so hopefully it'll be up and running great again so I can update more fully.
Not really a whole lot to say. Just wanted to comment that I'm still here, still trying to make sense of this life of mine. It's always so eerie to return to the US after a long absence. While it all makes sense pretty quickly, it doesn't mean I always get all excited about it. I love seeing my family. But life in general can be so overwhelming, especially when I know how brief this moment is. Will I ever figure out where it is I'm supposed to be?

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