Friday, July 6, 2007

One week

While I techincally still have a little over two weeks before I fly out, I basically have only one week to pull everything together here. Today the plan is to do massive amounts of laundry and sorting. I want to have everything I'm taking with me packed before I go down for the big week at Janet's house. I've already started collecting a year's worth of toiletries. It's just so much easier to take it all with me and not have to worry once I'm over there. Besides, this way I have more room in my suitcase to bring things back with me!
I recently learned that the parents of my friend Kris who I met at Mother's Choice, live only a short distance away from where I'll be living in Cheb. They're in Germany, but she said it's only like an hour and a half drive away. Pretty cool.
Well, I'd best get back to my frantic planning. I still have a lot of details to smooth out for my parents party as well. I guess that's the life I chose for the summer.

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annong said...

I'm so excited for you! it's been really amazing how you've been preparing for your upcoming trip.