Friday, July 27, 2007

Chekov's Gun

Well, I suppose now I'd probably get in trouble for referring to myself as not being a "real" teacher. I've officially taught two lessons in English. The first one went surprisingly well. That is highly due to the fact that the participants in the lesson were pretty decent already so I could ask leading questions and they would just go for it.
The goal of training is apparently removing all positive expectations and basically making you think your life overseas is going to be absolute misery. They have mostly just talked about all the negative things that can happen. All the people you can have issues with. All the ways you can feel alone and useless. All the misfortunes that can befall. I get the reasoning behind it, but it's getting a little old. So we didn't sign up for a cake and cookies sorta trip. We get it. Isn't it about time to start telling us ways we can rise up and overcome?
The main thing I've been learning thus far is that I've already been prepared for most of what is likely to be coming my way. From having my wallet stolen, to having studied German in High school. It never ceases to amaze me the way God sets us up for things we have no conception of.
So I probably spelled my title wrong, but David has become fascinated with a literary device in which a writer introduces something early on to be used later in the story. The saying is that if you introduce a gun in Act 1 someone will shoot it in Act 3. It goes quite nicely with the ways God apparently is preparing me for the challenges that await me in the Czech Republic. Ah the enigmas of the plans He has for me. The continuous conundrums.
So I beseech ye, therefore, to pray without ceasing that I might not fall into temptation, or lose my limited vision of all that is set out before me. And that my finances will come in. I think I still need about $3000 before I leave at the end of August. And the mantra continues: God is in control. To which we all sigh and work toward contentment.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, Chekhov. I started reading your blog out loud to David once I noticed his name in it. He came over to read over my shoulder and said, "She spelled Chekhov wrong!"
Hey at least with all the negative you'll be encouraged by everything that goes right. I'll be sending the money from Blodgett this next week with my August support for you. Enjoy the day. Love Ya, Jan

Joni said...

I miss you my friend. Your posts are so much fun to read and I am praying for you.