Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paper Trails

The applications continue. I've now applied to Macy's as well. I must be a glutton for punishment. Here I am, seeking entry level jobs and then feeling lousy if I don't hear anything back from them. Mark was sweet and told me that sometimes they don't like to hire people who look overly qualified. It's a nice idea at least. But the truth is, when you can't even get a call back from Starbucks you just start to feel unemployable. Sigh. Especially when it's been over a week since I sent in the application and I see that the job is still listed, but no response here. Ah well.
My parents were back for a few days and it was nice to catch up with them and hear how things are going over in Seeley Lake where they're currently working. Sounds like it's pretty beautiful, but they're still snowed in up there. I'm thankful that the snow seems to have gone away here in Moscow. Gotta say I'm so ready for Spring. It was hard to leave it in McMinnville. Truly, I'm ready for summer. Didn't get much of it last year, and it would so be nice to have some quality sun time. I'm in desperate need of it.
I've sorted through most of the paperwork for the next visa process step. Now I just need to figure out what all we have to do again, and what they can manage to look up for themselves since we already sent it to them in the last packet. It's amazing the amount of things it seems they can't remember from one mailing to the next. Ah well. That's government for you I guess.
Not really much interesting to say. I'm still slugging along at DOP. I've managed to get through more than half of it now, and I have to say, it doesn't look too bad. I've had to revamp some things to be certain, and have tried my best to weed out repetitive vocabulary. Of course, considering the literary market I'd like to tap with it, that probably isn't the biggest concern ever...
It's always challenging to self-critique, but I wrote it long enough ago that I really don't remember everything, so I have to rediscover it as I go along.
Well, it's about one so it's probably time for me to see if I can manage to make something edible for lunch. Sadly for Mark, that isn't one of my strong points...Sigh.

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