Monday, March 28, 2011


So I added a counter to my blog a while back and find it rather fascinating to see that it has logged on 3,000 page views. Not really sure where all of that comes from, seeing as how I only have ten "official" followers (however that works) and a handful of friends and family members that I know check the blog. And as much as my mom hassles me when she thinks I haven't been updating enough, I rather doubt she checks THAT frequently.
Anyhow, a new week has begun and I started off by giving in to my next door niece and nephew. They decided that, since Grandpa is away, Auntie Sarah should be their walking companion on the way to school. Of course their mom and the whippets are there too, but they seem to think it's more fun to have another walking helper.
Had to pull my sorry carcass out of bed at 7:35 in order to be up to the task. I know that sounds pathetic, but having been unemployed since last July I've rather lost the daily routine sort of thing that generally keeps my life motivated. Anyhow, after a grape juice disaster that slowed them up (Adelia's thermos leaked through her whole backpack, leaving her to carry her pink Hello Kitty backpack from K-1. Being a third grader that's totally ancient history and reflects a girlier stage in her style choices) I did join the crew for the walk. It wasn't too cold, or windy and there was no blowing snow or rain, so it was a nice way to get the day started.
Julie has taken to the idea of me helping with the cooking, so we decided to try out a new crock pot recipe. Thankfully this one involved hamburger that I didn't have to touch. I pretty much did the whole thing, with Julie doing dishes and occasionally giving insight into what size things should be chopped and how to improvise a bit so that the seasoning would be strong enough. Then she had to ride quickly back to the school to deliver Rowan's "Me flag" and by the time she'd returned I'd decided that I would follow the old "If you can read you can cook" advice I've heard so many times.
I cooked up the hamburger, drained it, and added everything into the pot. I was feeling like I'd managed not to freak out too much, only to have Julie return and inform me that she'd had things planned slightly differently...apparently it's more than just following the instructions after all. I always knew there were sinister underlying rules that cooking instructions refuse to divulge! Guess we'll just have to wait until dinner time to see if it all turns out okay.

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