Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flash from the past

So today I was on tagged in a photo that was pretty impressive. Talk about bringing back the old, and most assuredly chubby days.
I'm guessing this is from about 2nd or 3rd grade era, based mostly on my extreme white roundness, so I'm probably 8 or 9 here. Could be a bit off, but that's my best guess. The really impressive bit was that Mark guessed right off which one was me. So crazy. I haven't seen most of these people in absolute ages, but I was able to clearly identify everyone. In the back we have Noah Dice, Daniel and Gregg Neitsch, Charlie Linfoot. Middle row is Shirley Ward, Ramona Neitsch, and Theresa Dice, then in the front you've got Savana Oliver, yours truly, and Amy Claypole. It was probably a Ramona birthday party since she was the one who posted the pic.
Just amazingly crazy to see this and to remember the era. This would be back in the days when I did insane things like eating 8 hot dogs plus buns plus chips and cake and ice cream at Christina Stewart's birthday party. Talk about SICK! What was I?
In contrast, I've recently been on a get myself back in shape kick. We're talking working out in the mornings with some serious sweating involved, and drinking liters of water on a daily basis. I was telling Mark this evening about back in high school when I gave up drinking water completely. There were 4 or 5 years of my life when I drank close to no water. He says it's probably changed because of the miraculous powers of the water here...maybe...
Together with the picture blast I was also teleported in the theatre. We watched the A-Team tonight and it was pretty much spectacular. As soon as the movie got going I had the old school theme song running through my head, and so many memories of the crazy characters involved. We both laughed a lot and definitely enjoyed the experience. It was a lot more exciting than the Knight Rider remake that we watched on TV a couple nights ago. The action and comedy definitely delivered.
In all, a pretty entertaining afternoon :)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for posting this fantastic photo. I googles Ramonas name in search for her after twenty years of being off of the river. Forgive, I recognize your face but am drawing a blank on the name. I vividly remember these steps. Aren't they the steps going up to the playhouse and pool at the Neitsch's? I spent many childhood years at that house and with many of the children in this photo. I am surprised that I am not in it. Please contact me Sarah Wright

Anonymous said...

Sarah Beth? Am I right? Sorry for the spelling errors in the previous post. I was one hand typing with a baby in hand. This is so exciting!