Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yes, Julie really was here...

Which is naturally one of the main reasons that this report is sooooo long in the coming. We had such a great time and did so many things that I didn't have time for all those other little details like keeping up in my journal and writing in my blog. Hard to live a life so dictated by the little things. But, as I promised a couple days ago, I'll start with a few photos from her first weekend here in Czech.
I'm really starting to become a pretty decent tour guide by this point. I'll have to start charging. Ha! Actually, I'm just sooooo happy I've been blessed with so many guests this year. After very little action over the past few years people decided it was now or never and finally showed up.
So Julie started her trip here with me in Prague. Unfortunately, the weather decided she should see what it was like when Mom and Dad were here in March. It was positively awful and rainy for her first few days. In truth, except for getting to see more flowers and leaves, she didn't see much more of the sun than they did. This has been a cold wet sort of year, and we've sadly been back in it again after a fabulously warm week last week. It's like it can't quite commit to being nice and keeps back sliding into miserable weather. I still hold that things would be fantastic if it would just get all the cold and rainy ick out of it's system at night, leaving the days to be sunny, warm, and gorgeous. (sigh)
Anyhow, I still managed to drag her all over the place. I had little mercy on her jet lagged exhausted body, and pretty much had her on the verge of collapse by the end of every day.
We hit the big sights her first few days. Here you can see her enjoying a mix of ancient sights and the animals she loves :)

We wondered all over and enjoyed some pleasant views of town in general as well.

Then we wandered around in Valdstejn's Garden for a while. There was a very strange wall there, made of some strange concrete mixture which was supposed to resemble being inside a cave. They called it the wall of mystery or something, but it was more like the wall of creepy. We also enjoyed seeing the peacocks there. It was an interesting assortment.

I'd never seen an albino peacock before. Rather an odd thing to see.
I also managed to get her up to Vyssehrad Cemetery. It's a very interesting place where a lot of famous people, especially artists, are buried. I really thought this particular stone was cool and interesting.

There is a really nice park up there and so we looked around and found a few opportunities to pose as well. Isn't that what life is all about after all?

That's Father Czech posing with us in the last photo there. He didn't want to miss out on the action after all :)
So not much of interest to read in this post, but at least a few photos to whet your interest. And now, it's actually lovely outside so I'd like to enjoy it a bit more before it vanishes behind the rain of tomorrow.

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