Monday, June 14, 2010

18 years of life!

Nope, you haven't ended up in the wrong place. In lieu of the photos I was planning to put up, I've changed my blog. Hard to believe eh? I've looked before at ways to change the set up and never managed to find anything I liked or could make work, but they came up with some new things and I'm quite pleased with the result. As stated in the post following this one, which naturally came prior to it in time, I am planning to write something more real tomorrow when I've had a chance to restart my computer and convince it that it does, indeed, have plenty of memory to do the things I'm asking of it. Seriously, what is up with these temperamental machines?
In honor of this day, however, I wanted to point out that today marks the 18th anniversary of the crazy car accident in which my life, and ability to move, was thankfully spared. As I stated earlier on facebook, I guess this means I officially have to be an adult now, right? Well, we'll just see about that. Anyhow, hope you all enjoy the new outlook on things. Thus far I'm quite pleased with the change and believe it really was about time to mix things up. Something a bit more adult, right?

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