Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheb Tour '10

I'm going to start out by adding a couple of pictures I really should have put up last time in order to demonstrate just how crazy it can be around here during construction times. The first is one in Cheb that shows the work they've been doing to make the new pedestrian zone. It's supposed to be done really soon, and seems to be about there so it should be all cleared out before FIJO. The second is in KV where I'm not sure they'll have anything but chaos ready for the Film Festival. Rumor has it Jude Law is going to be there this year. Not sure yet if I'll make it to the festivities, but we'll see. All depends on whether or not Mark and I can EVER plan our Paris trip!

Uploading photos is going reallllllly slowly today. Hopefully I really will manage to get some in for you today. Nice dream at least.
So for Julie's visit I decided that my students should to a tour of Cheb for her. Since I only have a few regular daily students it was quite a bit of work to manage it.
In the end we did pull it off. The L1s came along as well, but it was the L2s that did all the work. We went around town and enjoyed different sights where they also provided Julie with some history. I'd done my best not to show her too much of town before this point so that she could really enjoy all that they had to share. I was quite proud of them, and we had a good time as well.

Aren't they all just too cute? I had a lot of fun with them this year. So hard to believe that this is my last week as a teacher. I wonder if I'll ever integrate this experience into my life again. I've gotten pretty used to it over the last three years. I definitely wouldn't want to go back to being a sub, but maybe if I could be some sort of language teacher in the future it wouldn't be so bad. I'd still prefer inspiring students to delve deeper into literature, or to really bare their souls through the written word, but it's hard to know if that's really a practical hope. Especially with America's economy these days. Ah well.
Anyhow, Julie and I traipsed around Cheb a bit more and found some interesting new friends as well.

And now I'll leave you with another picture of the amazing limo that followed us to Cheb at some point. Pretty random if I do say so myself. If only they'd had this around in Kansas for Laura's wedding...:)

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