Thursday, April 29, 2010

A summary flowing into Spring...

I've belabored the point. I've allowed business to get in the way of my straightforward reporting, and I've gotten so far behind that it hardly seems any point to write about those past days I've passed up. But I feel that I really ought to finish up Mom and Dad's trip here. In my vast catalog of photos (I don't really want to think of exactly HOOOOW many photos I have!) I have far too many stories to tell. So best to pick a few that sum things up, and move along into the new season that has taken Cheb by storm - only not exactly "storm," because the weather has been perfect and sunny and beautiful and I want it to continue regardless of what meteorologists seem to be saying at the moment...
So we'll begin with an ending. The end of the freedom to drive. Anyone who has ever been absent from this freedom, having first been accustomed to having it, will understand how hard it was to say goodbye to our little Skoda friend. While she wasn't exactly the top of the line sort of auto what with the front passenger door that would only open from the inside, the electric front windows that wouldn't roll all the way, and would never roll down, and the little engine that only barely could, our Felicia Fabia got us there and back, and we really couldn't have asked for more, especially for the price we paid ;)
The visit with my parents ended with a final weekend in Prague. As mentioned before there were lots of other moments I could go on and on about, like the fun and endlessly complicated dinner we had with Mark's parents, but there really isn't time, so I'll just post a few of my favorite pictures of our time together in Prague before they headed back to the US.

Then I'll briefly say that I had a positively glorious time with Malin when she came to visit. It was sooooo great to have her here. We reminisced about old times and dreamed of Hong Kong, as well as looking to the future and making the plans. In the midst of all the talking, we managed to take in a few great sights as well. She came just as castle season opened, so on April first we were able to enter Cheb castle on the first day that it was open.
On Good Friday we headed out to Regensburg in Germany. We were disappointed that all the shops were closed for the holiday, but the churches were all open, and we saw a lot of really beautiful old buildings and we thought about the significance of the day. We also found a nice cafe where we were able to sit and chat and look through magazines. Great time for sure :)

Malin's trip also ended in Prague. Our hostel was excessively dodgy, but fortunately we only slept there one night, and the rest of our time we spent seeing the sights. Mark also made sure we experienced some Czech culture, and he borrowed the little Easter whipping wand from a guy working at the Mucha museum and very gently beat us. What a great guy he is :) He didn't want us to be "dry" or unhealthy, but he was also nice and didn't hit us hard as I've heard some people are fond of doing.

Now I just wanted to end this post with some of the signs of spring that are popping up all over the place. I've been on some lovely walks with Mark in Marianske Lazne, and some peaceful walks alone here and Cheb and have enjoyed making memories of the things I've seen in the amazing Czech nature.

So now I say, a very happy spring to one and all, and here's to hope I see some ducklings soon :D


Deanna said...

That picture of the cross with the clouds in the background is fantastic. Wow!

Mouse said...

I know what you mean, I'm so behind on posting photos. Happy spring! Hope you see some ducklings and I see some coyotes! ^-^