Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Swirling...

So my time is short at the moment, but I felt like I've been frightfully negligent around here, and I just wanted to share a few more pictures at least from Mom and Dad's trip. They need their chance to really hit the web after all, since I know they're not likely to post photos anywhere. It really was great to be able to drag them around Europe, and now I'm totally looking forward to Julie coming so I can do the same with her :) This'll be a bit fast and furious, but I figure it's better than nothing, and should at least make my mommy happy :) Yes, I'm still alive and kickin'!
After so much castle FAIL, it was great to at long last get them to one that was open. So here are some pictures from the amazing Hlubouka castle. Used primarily for hunting parties it is a fairly modern castle. We were only able to tour 13 of the 123 rooms or something to that effect, but it was still quite impressive, and we were just so happy to finally be able to go inside!

Next on the list is a busy day we spent running all over the place. From school, to the incredible basilica in Waldsassen which is full of posed skeletons in fancy gold outfits

to Jarmila's farm where we were given a tour by Tonda which I was supposed to "translate." Between my pathetic Czech, his low level of English, and a bit of German for good measure they were at least able to get some idea of what was going on:

Then on to the little church, which Jarmila's family also owns, where Karina and I performed at Christmas. Dad enjoyed his moment in the pulpit as well :)
Mom and Dad really loved the farm and the church. Hopefully I'll be able to bring Julie there as well because I'm sure she'll like meeting the Czech horses...
That was on a Monday and then on Tuesday we went back to Marianske Lazne to hang out with Mark. He took us to the beautiful cemetery and we all really enjoyed it.

The cemetery trip was followed by an hour relaxing in a salt cave. Very interesting experience. We sat in beach like chairs in a room made of bricks of salt from the Himalayas. The floor was covered with salt from the dead sea, so we were definitely salted up. We had a moment to just relax, as they played some soft music and we watched a fire flickering on a screen in the front. The only bad bit was that there weren't enough seats next to each other so Mark was up front by himself :( But other than that it was a chance to just take a moment to breathe. I'm not sure if the effect of the salt had any long lasting ramifications, but I'm certain that my body was more than happy to be still for a little while, and I, who despise naps, definitely fell asleep.
Well, that's all the time I have for now as I must run along to my classes, but you've at least got a taste...

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Mommy is happy!!! Thanks for the pictures and blog post!!;D