Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moving right along

Another week is almost finished, and I'm off traveling once again. This weekend I'm off for the CA retreat. This year it's going to be in Kroměříž. I'm heading out after my class tonight at 8 and taking the train to Prague. I'll meet another teammate there,(the train gets in around midnight) stay the night with her, and then we have to catch an 8AM bus in the morning. I think it takes about four hours to our final destination. Needless to say, I'll be a bit tired from the get go. But such is life.
This year the retreat is an extra day, meaning both that we'll have a little more time for "free time" but also more time for meetings. Kelly's parents are visiting, and her dad is going to be doing some of the speaking at the meeting so hopefully that will be interesting and spiritually helpful. Just in case I've also started a new crocheting project to keep me awake ;)
I've got a busy day ahead with teaching and packing and traveling, so I'd best away. Just thought I should let people know I'll be off the internet probably until Monday. Not sure how I'll manage that, but sometimes that's just the way life goes. At least I've finally started updating here a bit more often. I really am contemplating trying to do the month of posts like my friend Ann has done a couple of times. We'll see if it happens, but I think it would be a good challenge and might even manage to make me stretch in areas of creativity that I've allowed to lapse in days of late. It's a thought at least, but not likely to happen this month :)

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