Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to School

Well, classes start up again today. I should really be doing plans, but I'm home briefly, and thought I should bring things up to date. My schedule isn't fully finalized, but it's looking a bit thin. We need to pray in a few more students for daily classes. Right now we only have 18 signed up, which is really low. Last year we had around 30. We are going to open two classes, but at this moment that only puts 6 in L2, which is what I'll be teaching. We could definitely use a few more.
I start teaching tonight. I'm happy that I'll be teaching a lot of the same students from last year. It will be good to get to know them all better. Tonight I have two classes and they're both ones I taught last year so I'm looking forward to seeing my students again. It will be nice to hear how their summers went. I also have plans to be horrible and make one of the classes start right up on testing. I'm such a strict teacher after all. Ha!
It's a beautiful day, and I really should be out drinking up every moment of this glorious sun, but I felt like I really needed to start getting caught up on things like e-mails and blogs that I've let go idle during the summer. Horrible of me, I know. It's hard to get the whole flow of life down again.
I did manage to get new pages for my passport, so I'm legal with my lovely new visa in which I look like I seriously want to kill someone. Honestly, what's up with them not allowing you to smile for photos? It means I end up looking totally disturbed. Ah well. I can only do what they tell me to do.
I think I've mostly gotten over jet lag by this point, but it still wasn't all that exciting to have to get up around 7 this morning. It'll all come with time I'm sure. My roommate still doesn't even have the slightest idea what her schedule is going to look like. Poor girl. I really hope things settle in for her soon. She's had more down time than you can imagine. Or at least more than I can imagine as I've had next to none. But such is life, and being busy is good for my soul.
I do still want to post summer pictures as promised, but it's not likely to happen today. Soon, I promise.

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