Monday, October 27, 2008

Seems 7 is becoming the thing

It appears that I've gotten into the habit of writing about 7 posts a month. Not a bad number I suppose. I would have liked to have posted a bit earlier, as I have quite a few pictures from the past two weekends, but I ended up being quite sick the past week, and therefore didn't really have the energy to do a whole lot. So here I'm finally getting around to it.
So the weekend before this most recent one I went out to Ostrava to visit the girls there. A few people from the Prague group were there as well. I took the immensely long trip out to Ostrava all by my lonesome, and spent over 3 hours standing, which was far from pleasant as I was already coming down with a rather nasty cold. By the time I finally got there I was pretty much exhausted, but we still had a good time going out and seeing a bit of the city.
After a late night out, we all enjoyed sleeping in before our trip out to Helfstyn where we spent the later part of the afternoon. It was a good 5k hike to get there, so we really wanted to make the most of our time there, and had way too much fun taking photos of the amazing castle and it's grounds.

So yeah, we had a little crazy fun. In the last picture Laura wanted them to all look like they were crazy squirrels. Of course the nuts they were eating were pistachios, and I don't know if squirrels regularly eat that variety or not. Ah well.
Then, this weekend Laura, Jonathan and I took advantage of possibly the last good weekend of the year, and we went to Loket. It's really one of my favorite places in Czech, and we were not disappointed. We did the castle right, torture chamber and all, and then walked out to the amazing rock outcroppings along the river. It's a good 6k to get there, so once again I got a decent amount of exercise!

I have to say that the pumpkins at tea, joined by the cat, really cracked me up. They just looked so relaxed hanging out there. Good times.

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