Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dnes je čtvyrtek...

Translation: Today is Thursday. And, as the calendar would have it, this is the day designated as my "Name's Day." Every day of the Czech Calendar is assigned a name, or two. Today it belongs to both Stefan and Sára. So it's not exactly my spelling, and generally I freak out if people misspell me, but it's a bit different in this case.
Most people don't do a whole lot in honor of their Name's Day, but some do have small celebrations, or give small gifts like chocolate. Kinda don't think I'll be getting anything, but it's just fun to know that October 9th is in honor of my name.
It's been a long day and actually a rather long week. This weekend is likely to be a bit draining as well. I'm heading off to Břeclav for the weekend to attend the CA retreat. I'm a bit nervous about the bed situation. Honestly that tends to be my biggest fear when traveling. I like being able to sleep at night, at least a little bit, and if the beds are too hard I just don't. I've been blessed in my overseas living situations to have always ended up with some sort of extra soft mattress, be it an egg crate or something similar, so that I could actually sleep. But when I stay in hostels and the like, it doesn't always work out that way.
Well, my class is about to start, so I should probably get myself organized. I have two more classes tonight and then I get to go home after 12 hours in the office. Tomorrow we're beginning our unit on America in our daily classes. I'm a bit nervous about how things will play out for it, at least this first time. I've giving a little presentation on American landscape. Unfortunately I deleted a lot of my best pictures this summer to make more room for European pictures. Whatever was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah. What happens if you don't have a day for your name? Is your's always 10/9? Do they update their calendar for new names? Just curious. Jan

Transient Drifter said...

You just have to be one of the special few that is part of the typical Czech calendar. So if you don't have a name's day you don't get one. I'm just lucky to have a Czech name I guess :)