Thursday, August 14, 2008

Excessive amounts of time spent on downloading CDs...

It's amazing how much time one can spend on really menial tasks. But with airlines continuously lowering the amount of weight one can carry for "free" and with the addition of a quality computer and an ipod to my repertoire, I figure it makes most sense not to pack along my entire CD collection. For those not fully in the know, I'm rather attached to music. I'm a bit opinionated about it as well. Therefore, having my music collection at my beck and call is a happy sort of thing for me.
Last year I wanted to put more on my computer, but I unfortunately didn't have internet access at the time, and anyone who has ever downloaded CD's without the help of Gracenotes is well aware that it's a royal pain to type in all the information. And having 162 Track 1's doesn't make it very easy to find the song in question. Therefore, this year I'm being aided in the process by the internet, however it still takes a considerable amount of time to get all the music I want successfully transfered onto my computer, so I figured now would be a good time to type something up. Oh, and I've recently discovered that when you put a CD on they now download the cover art to go with it. A very happy addition :)
I can't say that I'm positively brimming over with new news, but at least there's something to read for the faithful :)
I wrote a letter to David today. 12 pages of glorious Sarah handwriting on the finest selection of Lisa Frank, etc, stationary available to me. Whilst doing it, I was amazed to recall the period of my life when I would generally write 5 to 7 such letters by hand every week. And I just couldn't stomach wasting a 27 cent stamp on anything less than 8 pages. I cringe to think of how much the stamp for this current letter is going to put me back. It was a lot of fun in it's own little way though. I'm hoping he finds some entertainment in my style of humor. And, being well aware of how lovely it is to receive anything when one is far from home, I'm sure he'll at least appreciate having something to open! (hint: basically what I'm saying here is that I ALWAYS enjoy word from anyone, whether electronic or otherwise...)
I also spent about 3 hours writing in my journal. It seems to be the minimum these days if I even want to take a crack at how far behind I am these days. I'm less than a week behind now, but it's still a long road to hoe...I've been thinking a lot about farming imagery lately for some reason...
In other news, I've sorted through all of my clothes that I can find, and I'm now ready to start making decisions on what t-shirts are going to make the cut this year. When one only has the ability to take enough to have different outfits for a maximum of two weeks without having to just rearrange the order of the clothes it's really hard to decide what to bring along. It is absolutely necessary to ALWAYS have at least one Whence He Came t-shirt. Seeing as how I have enough to wear a different one every day for more than a week of those alone, I'm not facing a shortage. However, I have to limit it to just one, in order to give equal opportunities to other clothing styles. And, naturally, I can't exactly wear them to work in. I do, however, make sure they show up in photos in all the countries I visit, and I'm pretty sure I've been the first WHC clothing wearer in quite a few countries. I'm going to guess I'm definitely the first in Czech and Poland...anyone want to fight me on that point?
So that's what's been taking over my life, besides the outdoor work as mentioned in my previous post. Now I'm just trying to finalize CD choices, and then I need to go through pictures.
Janet and the boys are coming up tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that, but it means I need to have most of my other things together before they get here. And so I sit, and type, and wish the world well...I'm hoping for a good year, and trying to ignore that the temperatures in Cheb right now are in the low 60s...

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